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P3dv4 5 settings

I thought this would end the "Spend-more-time-tweaking-than-flying-Effect". I was mistaken. I've read so many articles by now also the one here about high performance not beeing FPS on several sites and I'm getting more confused by every article. I know that there's no silver bullet and that every system is different, I'm well aware of the fact that the AX is a very demanding piece of software and that there are lots of opinons and likings out there.

But what about the "facts" regardless of system setup? For example:. Others say NVI doesn't work in v4. Why is it so hard to get this thing working the best way possible on my machine?

Why do I have to read dozens of articles, guides, forum topcs etc. And it's true. But so many things are explained by technical and mathematical "rules" vsync, refresh rates, CPU and GPU performanceswhy are there so many different statements? It's frustrating to me. Furthermore, most of the guides are outdated or obsolete. That makes it hard to know what I really need and what not. I don't want to complain or write angry rants, I'm just seeking for an up-to-date guide on what to tweak and what to leave as it is because software-code-wise it has no effect.

An explaination on why I should or should not use vsync I get massive screen tearing without btw. PS: My specs: i7 k on 4. Just be careful with the sliders, trying to find your own balance regarding visuals and performance.

Nvidia control panel, with Prepar3d profile just change the Power management mode to maximum performance. My own opinion is that a lot of this tweaking stuff you are reading about is generally from people trying to get the sim to run at higher settings than their system is really capable of. There are also always those people trying to tweak every last frame out of their system that they can. This is the first simulator that I could do this with and the A flies beautifully.

I spend most of my time flying and almost no time tweaking A blessed relief indeed.

Take your Prepar3D to new heights!

You can make this as complicated or simple as you want. I prefer simple. Just take it one step at a time. I use P3Dv4. I have a good iK system with a GTX card, so not top of the line currently, but pretty good. So I think you can do such tweaks and gain maybe the last few FPS out of your system or you can only use the settings in game. Nevertheless v4 is a quite stable simulator so there are in general no CTD anymore ok depends on the plane you use :D and yeah OOM is no problem anymore.

Nothing more, nothing less. Also, I don't really experience any difference when I tweak settings or even modify the in-game- settings.Using PTA, you can apply tweaks in a fast and convenient way without manually editing files or any of that other confusing rubbish.

As a famous Flight Simulation development company once said - it's "Complexity Simplified". Using the latest and greatest technologies, we've created a user experience that is unrivalled. We've even included tooltips for every single customizable setting, just in case you want to understand what you're doing. Should you still manage to break it, we've implemented a detailed error logging system that will help us identify the problem s and fix them right away.

Finally, we've given you the option to choose from various "skins" for the tool. We even support HiDPI - so for those of you who are running 4k screens, you won't have to use a magnifying glass to actually see what you're doing. For you die hard nerds basically like uswe've given you the option to tweak shader parameters via specific expressions PTA 2. Don't worry, it's all fully documented. Post-process effects?

p3dv4 5 settings

We've got you covered. In addition to the PTA built-in tweaks and post-processing, you can also create your own tweaks to either use alongside our in-house tweaks, or on their own.

You can even share them with the community! Take your Prepar3D to new heights! New features. New technology.

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Completely Customizable In addition to the PTA built-in tweaks and post-processing, you can also create your own tweaks to either use alongside our in-house tweaks, or on their own.I am also using NexGen VFR UK but appear to have some random things appearing through the scenery onto 3rd party stuff which is higher up the layers. Try deleting this line so it goes back to default. More than likely, it's your FFTF setting doing this.

It is starving the texture loading process of enough CPU time to do its work. If so, you can have the best of both worlds using a relatively inexpensive utility called FFTF Dynamic that allows FFTF to be changed as a function of frame rate or altitude.

That way you can preserve CPU power for AI and autogen when down low, and give more time to texture loading as you climb away from the ground and terrain loading workload starts picking up. I use 0.

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System: iK 5. On another note, I am getting default fuelling stations which are showing through scenery which is higher up the scenery table.

What I have found is that in 4. Software : P3Dv4. I've had issues with blurry textures from time to time - very frustrating. However, I've never found the cause or a cure - seems to appear at random, and disappear at random as well.

After an almost 2 year P3D hiatus I installed the latest version 4. Then, blurries. After that all has been fine. I've reinstalled PTA and am back to glorious graphics once again.

Prepar3D V4.5 - Best Settings Guide 2019 - Graphics + Envtex + Active Sky + Shaders & Tweaks

The 11 denotes that P3D place the first two tasks on core one forcing sharing of core one. The FFTF setting denotes how much time per frame the simulator is loading scenery. The rendering of the scene will take up all the time per frame if it can get it. So the simulator reserves some time to link in the scenery loading from the background process. So with FFTF 0. The background process are all the ones left of the first one in the AM. Go from small settings to large. Don't attempt to turn down settings from big, turn up settings from small one at a time.

That way we don't need to worry so much about FFTF since the slack gives time to fill in the background. Locked fps on the slider control is hard on the system since it makes look ahead frames. If there's no time in reserve to complete a look ahead the time is wasted. Any wobble in flow rate will consume the look ahead.

p3dv4 5 settings

And if you are lucky enough to have a monitor that can be set to 30mHz refresh, and your system can maintain 30 frames, you get the lovely stutter-free video performance. I have a six core and have used AM since you turned me on to it thanks again! Other possibilities of slowness in a system can be caused by AV or Internet security software, and processes like search indexing. Framerate only depends on the utilization of the first core which is assigned the rendering task.

Six cores should be enough to run all the P3D tasks efficiently without getting blurries.Since P3D v4 came out, I have struggled to get the performance I wanted. After following many tutorials and playing around with the settings myself, I am now getting fps steady in the PMDG, Have shared these settings with others and it has worked for them too. Fraser took me through these settings last week and my sim has been running like a dream ever since.

I would recommend trying them out.

Advanced Configuration

This is excellent Fraser, thanks for sharing - I've been struggling with understanding the settings so I'll give these a go on Friday. Excellent settings Fraser! I find that dynamic lighting is a must have on V4.

I find it better to adjust the settings so I get hardly any FPS drop when using it. Hi Fraser Cooper. I've copied all of these settings into my P3D, nVidia profile and PTA - I'm getting lower frames between 20 and 30 with default aircraft because my system spec is lower than yours. Do you think you'd be able to recommend which settings i should turn down - I'm more than a little clueless when it comes to the meaning of all the settings I changed!

Thanks again for posting this - really helpful. Good work Fraser, looks fantasic. So happy with theses results. Excellent results, Gary - glad I could help. If so, let me know which ones.

I used PTA to make some adjustments as per Fraser's post above. Real nice.

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You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Fraser Cooper. Report post. Posted July 23, edited.Having spoke about this with Gerard and some others, and testing here, the feeling is that for a big system you might need ten or more cores with P3D on eight of them.

I have monitored all cores without an AM and used the 6 less taxed cores for my cockpit Addons. Now I can fly over London city at knots and have no stutters. I use the Lecacy Intel Turbo Boost that puts the main P3Dv4 thread into core 8 and then chooses the rest of the cores from strong to less strong for the rest.

And that is not 9,10, 11 etc but purely chosen on strength. Yes, I understand that. My worry is that some might observe your comment to mean use them all works best. My posts are not aimed directly at any one person, my posts must be viewed as general advice for all situations and system specifications. That's not because HT and AMs make things worse, they make thing better if you know the limitations.

Neither can they fix problems in the sim with setup and will likely make matters worse in those circumstances. Here's the thing; take an average video encoder. Simplify what happens, we have an organising task that assigns one frame per core. With 16 core CPU we get the movie conversion completed in a bit more than half the time of 8 core CPU on that same motherboard.

We can keep adding cores and we complete the movie more quickly. However, the time per frame reduces as we go because they all draw on the same limited resource.

Not much of a problem because we don't care how long each core takes, so long as more cores complete the total job faster. P3D is no different in the background task.

p3dv4 5 settings

We can keep adding cores and we go on seeing decreased loading times and higher fps. Keeps improving. What the real problem is, is that the overall drop in per core performance is what affects the main P3D task as well - it is not exempt from other task's demands.

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We don't want that aspect of multicore performance as it upsets P3D. So we are facing a compromise. Gerard confirms this fact. He can use 14 cores but when he has the full sim going he must reduce that count because overall system throughput being over-absorbed causes stutter. What about when we load more dense scenery?

We know it takes longer to load. Even though the sim main task continues with the same fps, it is the overall draw on the system that reduces the performance in the way the main task receives the information unsteadily to cause the slowdowns and stutter.

I understood Gerard as saying that in the most demanding scenery and wx conditions he had to engage all 14 cores for Prepar3D. Did I read him wrong? Was it still 8 cores for Prepar3D. I still think he said all 14 cores to P3D when scenery and wx were unbearable.

Turbo boost is the intel software handling the core speed and power, installed by windows, he's using an older version.

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What Gerard told me was he found consistently better to have 8 cores for overall performance most of the time. I mentioned the sim loads faster and fps creeps up only slightly as cores are added, so in theory it appears we need ever more cores. However, looking closer at what's going on there's system resources invoked when the sim makes demands.

Those system resources communicate with addons and handle file and network and so on, and they run on the sim cores. When the sim occupies more cores the demands momentarily push out the resources it is waiting for. With less cores, I'm seeing the same work, but taking longer.

The other cores continue to be used as they do system work. The main task shows less interference as that happens.Once its loaded. Not a biggie This topic came up a while ago and was debated ad nauseum. But the truth is in the outcome and it's a fascinating discovery. Bert, but heat in many cases is a derivative of the cooling system I'm using.

There are too many factors here. BER wants to distribute the load more evenly between all P3D engaged cores, which doesn't hurt in any heat scenario. I can't say that it distributes more evenly between the cores. Now the main stress is on Core 5, back to Core 4 etc. No conclusive results, alas. Will need to play more with this. You're soo sarcastic, you're bad!! I've tried is several times.

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With my current K with HT on 5. In all configs I always get the blurries. I never get the blurries otherwise, so I stay away from the Voodoo. With stock sim and medium to high settings, I see no blurries. So HT and AM don't cause blurriness. That's a video from my old phone handheld. True multi-tasking software being tested and no stutter or blurries. Voodoo Aircraft I have my sim now settled and as Steve said several hundred times Intel iK 5.By patrickjorandDecember 1, in Community Screenshots.

Thanks for watching!

p3dv4 5 settings

Looks very nice and sharp. But I could never bring myself to have traffic at 0. Without other aircraft at airfields, oils ain't oils. It keeps the number of AI planes in check by removing those further away, so you still get busy local airports while your system performance is not affected by AI planes which are too far to be seen or heard on the radio. Patrick,Is that the default FSX baron? Very nice shots and congrats on getting your P3D to how you like it.

Ian has a point - local traffic at airfields really helps the immersion factor. Also, I see you have a default aircraft in your shots - how does your system perform with a complex add-on? Nothing against TymK, but I tried that link and received 3 Trojan viruses and about 8 unwanted installations of various smilie, financial, registry editing tools etc etc.

I have just finished running an extensive virus cleanup on my machine and the removal of the Trojans. Hmm, that's a strange one I've just re-checked the link and everything is fine. I've scanned the file with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, it's clean. Nothing bad on the Mediafire page either, tried with Firefox and IE What browser are you using?

Many thanks for your comments. I will send my P3D and Nvidia cfg tonight. Agree for the AI traffic but my priority is the scenery as sharp as possible. Kind regards. Hi Tym, I'm using IE How strange I wasn't getting at you though! Just letting people know about the Trojans. I understand, no hard feelings at all.

I was just really surprised since I'm very careful about that stuff. I always keep my website scanning features enabled, but there were no alerts at all. I hope your system is fine now. Patrick, to help a non-tweaker out that is a bit disappointed with the look of Prepar3d v2. With more testings I will certainly also adapt some values.

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